Duncan and Julie Williams

Duncan and Julie had a beautiful wedding at Colonial Estates. I had the opportunity to meet Duncan with part of his family at the consultation for their wedding day but Julie had just started a new job and was unable to be there. It did not take long to feel like I was an old family friend of Duncan and his family and thought that Duncan’s bride has to know how blessed she is in gaining them all as a family. On the morning of the wedding I arrived to the venue and met Julie for the first time and immediately realized that Duncan and his family were just a blessed. Julie is an absolute sweetheart all the way to her laugh. Her smile truly lights up a room and she was just so kind to everyone. It was so much fun to be “a fly on the wall” at this wedding and watch Duncan and Julie get prepared for the big day. Even though there was a threat of a storm coming through, the wedding was gorgeous! It was so precious to watch Duncan react to Julie coming down the isle and then to watch them both thank their parents for raising them and loving them by handing them a flower during the ceremony You could definitely sense the love these two have for one another and the amazing support that surrounds them. Congratulations Duncan and Julie!!!!! And thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day it was a true honor.

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