Brooke and Josh are a very very special couple to me! No, I am not long time friends with them, but if you ever met Brooke you would feel like you have known her for your whole life. Brooke was actually my very first client to hire me. Brooke and Josh took a big step in choosing me when all I had done so far was a wedding for a family member. Not only did Brooke take that chance with me but she took it one step farther and spread the word about me and helped in gaining more clients, SEE TOLD YOU SHE IS AMAZING! Booke and Josh had a beautiful wedding at their church they attend. Brooke made an absolutely beautiful bride and a gracious one. Brooke was seriously running around the morning of making sure everyone had what they needed, including asking me if I had lunch when they all sat down to eat. I finally had to explain to Brooke that this was her day and we were all suppose to be catering to her not the other way around. I have a feeling Josh is going to be very spoiled by this sweet woman. Josh and Brooke wrote letters to one another and even though Josh refused to read it out loud, Brooke read hers. If you know the movie the Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, you would have loved his letter to Brooke. If there is one thing I could see immediately about Josh it is that he does an amazing Job making Brooke smile. The reception followed and the location was a fun one! Brooke is actually the daughter to the owners of a local farm called the Kyker farm. Kyker Farms is actually open up to the public in the fall for some serious corn maze fun and petting zoo! My family and I actually made a trip out there last fall for some family fun and we had a blast! The reception was absolutely beautiful, Brooke and Josh did their first dance in the barn and it could not have been more perfect. when it was time for them to head out, they left in the most perfect vehicle. Josh drives a gorgeous blue GMC truck that was actually handed down to him from his dad. Not only is the truck pretty but how special that is to have a truck that was once your dads. As you can see from the picture below the truck was also slightly high up, well no fears there, Josh already had a plan. When it came time for them to leave Josh brought out a step from the bed of the truck for Brooke to step up on to get in the truck! How sweet was that!? I can see that these two are already ahead of what so many married couples are still learning and that is marriage is about putting the other person’s needs over your own.

Brooke and Josh, I am so grateful for you two and wish you all the best in your new adventures as husband and wife. I know that you two are going to show all of us what love is truly about and how to keep God at the center of it. I cannot wait to see what wonderful and amazing plans God has for you two. Thank you for allowing me to capture such a special day!

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